The organizers prepared an exciting program with technical tutorials from experts in control, human interactions and telematics.

The Summer School is glad to confirm the following talks:

  • Prof. A. de la Fortelle (MINES Paristech) – Cooperation in Automated Driving
  • Dr. Sotiris Manitsaris (MINES Paristech)Gesture Recognition for Interacting with Collaborative Robotics and Intelligent Vehicles

  • Dr. Frank Flemisch (Fraunhofer Institute)  - TBD

  • Prof. J. Härri (EURECOM) – V2X Communication and Standardization

  • Dr. Lara Codecà (EURECOM) –  Modeling A city-wide mobility Scenario with SUMO
  • Prof. J. Härri (EURECOM) – Cooperative Positioning for High Precision Localization
  • Prof. Klaus Bengler (TUM) - TBD


A preliminary Summer School program is depicted below.